Infusing emotion and storytelling into the video

Breaks down communication barriers between architect and audience by infusing emotion and storytelling into the video. In the field of hospitality marketing, where audiences interpret spaces on a highly personal level, I’m not asking, “What makes a great architectural video?” Instead, I approach projects by asking the question, “What makes a home?”

I think it’s linked to emotions; it’s what we’re all looking for in the end. For me, it’s about bringing our own memories and our own attachments to the same place. I like to place our films in an art of intimacy with living spaces. We want the viewer to be emotionally affected by the space.

I approach projects by asking the question, What makes a home?

One way to affect viewers, is to remember your audience. If your audience is not comprised of architects, for instance, then showing architecturally significant details might not influence the average Joe and Jane to be engaged with the property.

Radisson blu  |  still frame

Video that interests me

Video provides a new way of communicating the experience of the spaces and places for those that may not be able to experience them first hand.

Radisson blu | exterior

I see it as a means to an end and don’t hold it as a precious medium. I’m using it as a way to push the stories of design out into a broader social and cultural context but to engage people. I love the technical guts of cameras, production and the editing process as well as the physical, on-location aspect of filmmaking.

Video is the strongest, most effective, most powerful comprehensive way we have to tell a story.

when your audience visits a space, most aren’t taking pictures of architectural details. They are taking pictures of flowers, of themselves having a meal in the dining area, of the swimming pool, and so on. You can have shots of architecture in the video, but it might be the simple shot of a soft pillow or a welcoming fireplace that makes a viewer think, “I want to go there.’”


If you’ve got a story to tell, the inspiration will come to you easily. Try out some shots; see what works and what doesn’t.



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