Product photography speaks the brand’s truth. It does more than express the idea of the brand – it starts real conversations. High-quality photography represents a brand’s values and image.

Product photography does more than express the idea of the brand – it starts real conversations

With a great photograph, we can show the care, creativity and craftsmanship that’s gone into each product and the brand as a whole. A great photograph also sells better than a simple cut-out image.

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What makes the difference with product photography?

Studies have also shown that surface impact – how hard, soft, smooth or fluffy a product feels – influences our feelings and whether we buy. This is a problem for e-comm but good photography can change this by accurately picturing the details of products.

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I came from the marketing world. While most photographers were interested in taking photos of roots, rocks and their girlfriends, my trajectory was completely different. From the very beginning, I wanted to use my skill to help sell things.

When a product photography is done correctly, it will help to create a good impression and improve conversion rate.

A customer isn’t just buying the product but the brand and the brand must be seamlessly represented across all media.

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The value of visual advertising

It’s important to understand the fundamentals of why humans often prefer a “visual-first” environment. Images stick with readers longer and are more likely to give you a greater return on your content investment. Customers need to be able to visualise a product properly – colour, texture, size.

For me, it’s really about breaking down the boundaries between screen and customer with photography.