On Saturday February 10th 2018, Da Maria Bali launched Da Maria Galerria. A space dedicated to art/photography. Their first exhibition were called THE POSTER SHOW BY DEMIAN BICHSEL. I’m so lucky because I had the opportunity to capture their event.

About Demian Bichsel

Demian Bichsel  | The poster show at Da Maria bali

Demian Bichsel (1983), born and raised in Basel, Switzerland, is a Swiss artist and filmmaker. At a young age, he took the chance of pursuing an apprenticeship at a film production company instead of finishing school, learning the skills of filmmaking, editing and production, and developing his unique observational vision.

Following his fascinations and the need to create, he managed his own skateboard brand, designed clothes and shoes and was involved in the making of countless short films and video projects.  In the past years, Bichsel has been travelling widely in Europe and documenting the urban environments of European metropolises through his photography. He describes his way of working as continuous shooting of layered structures and reflections – a detailed observation of everyday banalities. Bichsel develops his pieces as an ongoing conceptual series, adding new shots continuously.

Artist statement

I consider myself a Heartist. A human artist in pursuit of experience, based on love, following fascinations to explore life in all possible dimensions. Photography is a fantastic tool for playing with structures and perspectives in order to find new parameters of visuality.

I consider myself a Heartist. A human artist in pursuit of experience, based on love, following fascinations to explore life in all possible dimensions.

Thus he seeks to expand the mind and amplify the experience of both reality and memory. Through painstakingly mounting urban or natural motifs into irregular, vibrating, filmic, multilayered collages, he gives new life to what are atmospherical yet oftentimes mundane subjects, whose unique energy have simply caught his attention.

The ritual

The poster show | incense

During the installation process, He did something that seems a lil bit strange to me, It was the thing that he put on a plate (I think it’s a Charcoal or whatever), so I asked what he’s gonna do with it and he told me that he’s about to burn it. It’s like a ritual.

As we live in very interesting times on this mother earth. Time has seemed to speed up, distraction is everywhere, and as a whole, modern society has all but lost its ancient connection to its spiritual nature and to the Earth. In light of this, many people are searching to reconnect with the sacred and many have adopted different spiritual paths such as meditation, searching for a deeper meaning to this life we all share here together.


The poster show | Installation

Demian Bichsel has assembled few collections under the exhibition titled The Poster Show. Experiencing Bichsel’s work is analogous to how our eyes interact with the brain. Through the retina the eyes capture as much information as they can.

But to see everything in our abundant world is impossible – the brain arranges what we see into a complete setting based upon our focus, filling in the gaps in a perceptive, phenomenal process that could be described as a reciprocal feedback loop.