Through the lens of filmmaking

From filmmaking process to other aspects of life

To me, filmmaking gives an opportunity to explore my creativity to the fullest. Its challenge requires to think beyond my limitations.

The initial seed of filmmaking is brainstorming, a concept to be explored, and assigning an idea. And if we have planned a showing to peers, this is where we learn about public relations, advertising, and distribution and learn how to pitch our work and promote ourself, skills essential in the adult world.

Learning outcomes of its process include interpersonal communication, pitching, problem solving, concept mapping, process flow and sequence, and critical thinking.


This catalog approach is focused on telling product stories and reinforcing brand in the mind of the reader. Businesses are realizing that catalogs provide an opportunity to tell a more detailed brand and product story when compared to online.

Readers of print media are less distracted and tend to be consuming the publication in a more leisurely fashion. They will be more likely to spend a few moments absorbing an ad that catches their eye. Print advertisements help lend credibility to the brand.

There are a host of reasons why digital editions should never be the only version, paper makes content more intuitively navigable, it facilitates better mental mapping of info and drains fewer cognitive resources, so retention is better. It is much easier to form a connection.

The catalog marketing approach your business takes impacts the extent of overlap there is between catalog and online product photography. Although, regardless of the approach your business takes, there is almost always overlap and therefore it is beneficial to combine these photography projects.

Between Digital and Print Media

Print is known to drive more engagement than digital communications, primarily due to its ability to forge an emotional connection with the reader.

But we shouldn’t overcompensate and completely turn away from digital. Digital and print publications complement each other to perfection. The future will certainly lead to further integration of the two worlds.

I proposed that even though this type of photography are different, if we take a combined photography approach overall sales will increase.


It is readily accepted that combining print and digital in your marketing is a much more effective strategy than using either one alone.

Using data from your digital editions can make your printed magazine better by using headline and content testing. Also, providing an online option will open an avenue to draw in more people and result in new readers finding your publication.

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I am a visual artist based in Bali, Indonesia. I communicate stories, ideas, and other information through various visual media, such as graphic design, photography, videography, and motion graphic design.


I moved, not inspired, but compelled by conditions that I feel I can contribute something to transform the situation.