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Fashion and video: A mutual attraction

A film experiment by Rico Surya

Fashion companies making short films, typically one to five minutes long and produced for the Internet. Sometimes they sell the product and sometimes are just a visually exciting experiment in design. They are the freshest way to grab attention for your brand.

film and fashion have had an intimate relation, which by the turn of the century evolved into fashion film as a more or less well-defined standalone genre. The breakthrough of the fashion film was boosted partly by digital production and distribution technologies, giving birth to the promotion of brands and individual designers sharing moving images online.

Fashion film has been understood as experimental marketing, borrowing its visual style and narrative techniques from classic and experimental cinema. On the other hand, fashion films were framed by viewing practFse related to the interactive possibilities and the permanent presence of digital media content online

I propose a less exclusive understanding of the phenomenon, noting that fashion film experiments had a pre-digital existence and not all films were and are made for specific promotional commercial use. I investigate the fashion film as a boundary case defined by its ambiguous relation to existing established narrative forms of moving images and use formalist theory in order to define the phenomenon.

Journal: Kosmorama

There are a host of reasons why digital editions should never be the only version, paper makes content more intuitively navigable, it facilitates better mental mapping of info and drains fewer cognitive resources, so retention is better. It is much easier to form a connection.

The catalog marketing approach your business takes impacts the extent of overlap there is between catalog and online product photography. Although, regardless of the approach your business takes, there is almost always overlap and therefore it is beneficial to combine these photography projects.

Between Digital and Print Media

Print is known to drive more engagement than digital communications, primarily due to its ability to forge an emotional connection with the reader.

But we shouldn’t overcompensate and completely turn away from digital. Digital and print publications complement each other to perfection. The future will certainly lead to further integration of the two worlds.

I proposed that even though this type of photography are different, if we take a combined photography approach overall sales will increase.

It is readily accepted that combining print and digital in your marketing is a much more effective strategy than using either one alone.

Using data from your digital editions can make your printed magazine better by using headline and content testing. Also, providing an online option will open an avenue to draw in more people and result in new readers finding your publication.

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I am a visual artist based in Bali, Indonesia. I communicate stories, ideas, and other information through various visual media, such as graphic design, photography, videography, and motion graphic design.


I moved, not inspired, but compelled by conditions that I feel I can contribute something to transform the situation.