A story of two individuals brought
together by their shared love for
boxing and the strength they discover
within themselves and each other.

Ira, a determined young woman, enters a gritty boxing gym seeking a coach to help her continue her late father’s boxing legacy. Jason, a seasoned boxer and coach haunted by his own past, reluctantly agrees to train her. As Ira trains under Jordan’s guidance, they develop a unique bond that transcends the boundaries of their roles as coach and student.


Through intense training sessions and grueling bouts in the ring, Ira learns not only the physical aspects of boxing but also the emotional and mental resilience required to succeed. As the sparks of romance begin to ignite between them, they must navigate their growing feelings while facing their own fears and insecurities.


Ira’s passion and determination inspire Jordan to confront his own demons and find healing. Together, they discover that love and boxing share the common thread of pushing one’s limits, taking risks, and never giving up.


As they prepare for a crucial boxing match, Ira’s journey intertwines with Jason’s as they both strive for victory, not only in the ring but also in their personal lives. Their love and support for each other become their greatest strengths, proving that true champions are not only found within the boxing ring but also within the depths of their own hearts.


“One More Round” is a poignant and emotionally charged short film that explores themes of love, resilience, and the transformative power of pursuing one’s dreams. It reminds us that sometimes the toughest battles we face are the ones fought within ourselves, and that true victory lies in embracing our fears and fighting for what truly matters.



Through the drama, romance, and boxing sequences, the film explores the profound impact that love and passion can have in conquering one's inner battles and finding path to fulfillment and happiness.


We gotta soak up every little emotion and detail and let it all out in the video. We have to keep it real, simple, but at the same time make it feels like alive and raw. Our plan is to give the actors some situations to work with and let them improvise.


The boxing gym, with its dim lighting and worn-out equipment, sets the stage for the intense training sessions and emotional moments that unfold within its walls. The film showcases the physicality and skill involved in boxing, highlighting the sweat, blood, and determination of the fighters.

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Their interactions, relationships, and individual
add depth and emotional resonance to the story,
showcasing the transformative power of boxing
and love in their lives. Where passion meets valor.

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