So, I’ve got this opportunity to shoot a video of a professional MMA fighter doing his exercise. I wanted to give people some insight on what it takes to be a professional athlete.

I’ve made a video that had different kinds of people with different athletic fitness levels, showing the audience outside that anybody can do this CrossFit thing. The biggest thing I wanted to highlight was not as much the place entirely, I really wanted to focus on the athlete himself.

From there, it was keeping the video real, honest and simple. Aim for videos that are 30 seconds or less in length, keeping them short and to the point. to my opinion It has a bigger impact than just posting a photo on social media.

A picture is worth a thousand words, but video can be priceless.

Long story short, his perseverance and commitment is seriously inspirational, no matter where you’re at in your health journey! By sharing his story he hopes to share the truth behind his success, a commitment to himself and to never giving up.

So many people kinda just lost sight of it, we really committed ourself to our job. We’d work late nights and weekends. We were always surrounded by junk food. We all come from different walks of life, but we all have a common goal of being the best we can be.

It is always a special honor to be asked to document personal triumphs and victories, these were no exception. As a videographer, capturing something like these always stand out from the rest. I can’t help but be inspired.

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 Rico Surya


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