Develop a style for the shoot

Functional product photography has the potential to really level up the look of your site or selling platform and convert sales.

Product photography can vary greatly in style and scenic detail — but it doesn’t need to be complicated. Often times, I’ll go with a clear idea of the style just to make sure shoot days go smoothly.



Functional product photography is typically just your product staged against a seamless background. It allows your customer to see every facet of the product and aids in making an informed buying decision in addition to engaging the audience.


The very simple look above achieved by shooting a photo of the product against a white background, simply use a plain white sheet of paper stuck to a wall.

Tethered shooting

Being able to instantly see the shots on a big screen can go a long way towards helping me get that perfect shot, showing the fine details I can easily miss when I’m  just checking out images on the camera’s LCD screen.

It helps me notice any small flaws in shots and correct them on the go.

When I shoot tethered, I can be 100% sure that details are in focus and lighting is perfect.

It helps me notice any small flaws in shots and correct them on the go, instead of spending time trying to fix mistakes in post processing.

Capture One


Once the session is complete, I transition the images into the retouching phase. This is where the product photos are given extra attention to really make them stand out above the rest. Whether it be removing dust, cleaning up edges or imperfections from labels all the way to superimposing elements that give the product a custom feel.


Retouching process | adobe photoshop

Cleaning the image up

Lighting and photographing glass products are a tough task. This is because incident light gets reflected and refracted from the surface in unmanageable proportions which present difficulty in retouching.

Photoshop, however, offers the tools needed for adjusting, correcting, improving and enhancing the images convincingly.

 Introduce  products to new customers more effectively by presenting them the images that have been retouched.

The lighting exposure can be improved and specks, as well as color casts, can be eliminated for achieving impeccable results.



Role : Photographer / Retoucher